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What WE Do

The How

The way we carry out our mission is through specially designed day camps. When we say day camp we don’t mean a retreat camp or sleeping bags and tents. Our day camps are programs where children spend part of the day, then return home and come back the next day.


Our day camps are five days long and run for three hours each day. Most importantly, they are packed with fun! The target age range for each camp is between 5-11 years old. There is only room for 30 kids in each camp.


Each individual camp is made out of a combination of the best of multiple programs with many additional features. Each of the multiple programs are integrated together into one camp. Making the camp more than any individual program and unlike any other camp. What are some of the resources used to make these camps? Let’s go into each of the parts of our camps.

Science Experiments

A big part of KidOne Camps is science experiments. Making a water lava lamp and slime are not only cool and amazing but also an opportunity to learn about the world we live in and how it works. Kids love these experiments and they are great ways to reinforce and learn new concepts. Each camp has several of the coolest experiments out there. Learn about UV light with color changing beads or air movements with a blower and a beach ball. Getting hands-on with learning is one of the best ways to learn. Many of the experiments we do are for your child to keep and take home.

Science Experiments

Science Courses

We use CrossWired science courses to bring science to kids in “a whole new way.” CrossWired is a great way to develop an enjoyable lifelong learning experience through science. Through this program we show the wonders that God has created in our world.


Crosswired presents complex and advanced science in a fun, easy to understand way for children. Each camp focuses on a different Global Topic, which cover many areas of our world. Our camps at KidOne provide a special introduction to CrossWired. Through KidOne Camps you will receive free access to the CrossWired curriculum till August 31st. Through KidOne you will also have discounted access to CrossWired during the school year.  


VBS programs

We use Answers VBS made by Answers in Genesis. This is the theme of the individual camp. Kids are taught solid Bible teachings and basic apologetics. Through this program, God’s Word is connected to every area of life. It also shows that God’s Word is just as relevant today as it was thousands of years ago.


The Answers VBS programs were designed by Answers in Genesis to answer the many questions that cause so many young people to walk away from the Lord. These VBS programs provide the base for our day camps.


But what if your kids have already been to a VBS? Are the camps the same as VBS? No, our camps are very different than a VBS program. We use these programs to provide an outline for the camp's biblical teachings. Certain elements of the VBS program are used but it is not a complete VBS experience.  That is because there is so much more we add to our camps. 


Character Curriculum

The next aspect of our camps is teaching character. Character is taught using the Character First curriculum. The Character First curriculum presents positive character traits in a fun and interesting new way. Specifically designed for ages PK through 5th it is perfect for young kids to start learning.


Learning character is important to being successful in life. It’s never too early to start building those good habits. That’s why we added it into our camps. Each camp focuses on one character trait for the five days. We help your children understand and apply a character trait in each camp. That is two great curriculums brought together, but there’s even more! 


History Experience 

KidOne Camps through a special connection to historian Logan Creighton “The Challenger” presents a history experience in each camp. History comes alive as children experience and learn about different events and people of the past. A hands on experience involving clothing and tools of the past to engage all your children’s senses. History doesn’t have to be just names and dates, we bring it alive to your children. Whether it’s meeting Thomas Jefferson or experiencing the 1800s, this will definitely be one of your child’s favorite activities. 


Activities and Games

Time to get some energy out while learning. Pulling from our own experience in VBS, Awanas, Bible club and more, games are definitely a highlight. Kids love games and so do we!


The games are not random though, each has a teaching point related to camp. Kids will be reinforcing and applying what they’ve learned and having great fun while doing it. They also provide an opportunity to practice sportsmanship.



Bible Club

We also bring in features of after-school Bible clubs, such as memorizing verses, Bible lessons and Songs. This is one of our favourite parts of camp! Kids will hear about real people from the Bible, and the Bible will come alive to them.


Memorizing verses? That doesn’t have to be a chore, we make it really fun. You might not even realize you're memorizing a verse. If that isn’t enough already, there's still more!

Bible Club

Parent Review

By now you're probably thinking “Wow this is so much, how will my kids remember so much?” Well, don’t worry. Over the five days, each teaching area is reviewed, connected, and reinforced. By the end of the week, they will have learned quite a lot.


But you as the parent can also get involved. We believe parents are the best teachers for their children. We definitely don’t want to take that away. Our role is to enable you as the parent to teach your child more.


At the end of each day of the camp, we provide Parent Review cards. These are cards that have a review of what was learned through that day. These provide an opportunity for you to also participate in the teaching. Each card has questions, prompts, or helps that you can use to talk with your child on what happened during the day.


Use them on the ride home, at dinner, or whenever. This is a great opportunity for you to give them the chance to share their day and create a passion for learning.   

Parent review.png
Parent Review

Snacks Too

Of course, we have snacks too. About halfway through the day, we take a little break for snacks. Because kids get hungry, plus snacks can also be fun. Options are also available for those with allergies. Please let us know beforehand of any allergies. 


Putting it all together

Now we are sure you see how valuable and unique these camps are. The value of each camp is through the roof. Each camp is packed full of fun, excitement, learning, and God. The greatest part is you have the opportunity for your child to attend our camps.


We will be doing several five-day camps in the summer and we would love to help you teach your kids. We are so excited about each camp. We know you want to sign up for a camp as soon as possible so check out our schedule to reserve your spot. The number of kids in each camp is limited so hurry and book before someone else fills it up. 

How can I get in a camp?
 Who is running these camps?

Each CAmps is

  • 5 days long

  • 9am - 12pm

  • 30 kids max

  • Ages 5-11

  • educational

  • multiple subjects

  • safe and fun


All together
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