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Day Camps

A way we carry out our mission is through specially designed day camps. KidONE camps are week long programs that run for three hours each day. The target age range for each camp is between 5-13 years old


These camps are packed full with fun and learning. Each individual camp is made out of a combination of learning elements. Lessons, games, and stories are all used for reaching children with all learning styles. All this is combined together making very unique camps that are truly “One” of a kind.

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2023 Camp!

Exploring the Book!

Exploring the Book is an apologetics based camp that teaches kids about defending and using the Bible! In this camp we will answer the big questions about the Bible!

Let me know about Future camps!

Great, we'll let you know when more camps are available.

Camps Include...

Biblical Answers

All Learning Styles


Songs and Verses

Missionary Stories


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