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The Great Flood Camp

Days: 5  |  Time: 9am - 12pm 

Are you ready to dive into an amazing adventure? In the Great Flood camp we’ll learn about obeying God and trusting in Him, even when it’s hard. We will experience the account of Noah and the incredible things that happened during his life. Noah trusted and obeyed God and amazing things happened.


Through this camp we teach the character trait of Obedience, using the Character First Curriculum. What is obedience and to who should children be obedient to? These are questions we answer and reinforce through out the camp. Ready to get washed away in the fun? Don’t let it dry up before you get in. Be sure to hold on tight for the Great Flood camp fun.


What is Answers VBS and How we use it?

The Answers VBS programs were created by Answers in Genesis in response to recent surveys that show nearly 70% of “Christian” kids walk away from the church when they get older. The Answers VBS programs were designed with answers and apologetics as well as vital Bible teachings.


In this camp, we will be using the Answers VBS Ocean Commotion program. But KidOne camps are not VBS. We do not use the program solely but rather integrate it together with other elements. The main Bible teachings and lessons will be drawn from this program for the KidOne About Time Camp. This is so you know that your kids are being taught solid Biblical teachings.​

Why Teach Obedience?

Especially for children, obedience is important. Their parents know much more about the world and how to keep their children safe. But a child that doesn’t listen is a chore to handle.


But obedience goes even beyond childhood. What good is an employee that doesn’t listen to authorities? What about obedience to laws?


Learning obedience is setting up children for a life of success.

Character trait:


CF cards Obedience.png



5-11 years old


3 hours per day for 5 days 


Normal cost is $130 per Child


See Below for availablity 


9 am - 12 pm


  • Answers Vbs Ocean Commotion

  • Character First Obedience 

  • Science Experiments

  • Bible lessons 

  • Games 

  • +More

camp size

Each camp has 30 available spots.


Fellowship hall | Grace Bible Church

152 W Prairie Avenue

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815



Currently Unavailable 
Want to know when this camp is launched?

Great! We'll let you know when we have the next camp!

*note: this is a promotional video for Answers VBS Ocean Commotion. Not all things seen here are the same as our KidOne Camps.

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