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Truth Seekers Camp

Days: 5  |  Time: 9am - 12pm 

Join us as we train to become special agents of God. We will search for clues and uncover secrets in order to find the truth in our life. Through the Answers VBS International Spy Academy kids will learn to think and discover what is true.


Their mission will be to discover the one true God who is the creator and author of truth. Also they will learn how they can apply truth in their own lives.


Using the Character First Curriculum of Honesty, children will learn what it means to be honest and how they can be honest at home, school or anywhere. One thing that is true, is that this camp is amazingly exciting.


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What is Answers VBS and How we use it?

The Answers VBS programs were created by Answers in Genesis in response to recent surveys that show nearly 70% of “Christian” kids walk away from the church when they get older. The Answers VBS programs were designed with answers and apologetics as well as vital Bible teachings.


In this camp, we will be using the Answers VBS International Spy Academy program. But KidOne camps are not VBS. We do not use the program solely but rather integrate it together with other elements. The main Bible teachings and lessons will be drawn from this program for the KidOne About Time Camp. This is so you know that your kids are being taught solid Biblical teachings.

Why Teach Honesty?

Telling the truth is incredibly important. There is no better way to wreck lives and relationships than to fill it full of lies. Telling the truth is very important. It’s far better to get into the habit of telling the whole truth while young than to try to break bad habits later.


Honest people are what the world need and honesty will help children go far.

Character trait:


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Focus topic:


What is Crosswired and how it is used?

CrossWired is a science curriculum that teaches advanced science in a way anyone can understand. Through their curriculum, children can learn the many wonders of our world. KidOne camps provide an introduction to the CrossWired curriculum in our camps. Each camp explores one Global Topic throughout the camp. These Global topics cover multiple explanations and examples of one subject.

In this camp, we integrate CrossWired's Global Topic: Sound. Each day of camp we explore one of the core videos on this topic. Learn all about what sound is, how the ear works, how animals hear sound and much more. Different experiments, activities, and additional teaching to reinforce and ensure understanding of the day's section. 

Additional Benefit:
Through KidOne Camps, you will receive
free access to the Crosswired curriculum until August 31st. You can also receive discounted access on the CrossWired curriculum for the school year through KidOne Camps.



5-11 years old


3 hours per day for 5 days 


Normal cost is $130 per Child


See Below for availablity 


9 am - 12 pm


  • Answers Vbs International Spy Academy

  • Character First Honesty

  • CrossWired Topic Sound

  • Science Experiments

  • Bible lessons 

  • Games 

  • +More

camp size

Each camp has 30 available spots.


Fellowship hall | Grace Bible Church

152 W Prairie Avenue

Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815



Nothing to book at the moment

*note: this is a promotional video for Answers VBS International Spy Academy. Not all things seen here are the same as our KidOne Camps.

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