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Who We Are

Who WE Are

Our team at KidOne Camps has a passion and purpose to work with kids. We are driven to do our best in investing in the next generation and making a difference in the lives of the people of Coeur d'Alene. We are all Christians and we are here to tell children about Jesus, what He did for them, and how they can grow and defend their faith. In a world filled with questions, we want children to know the answers from the Bible. We have a variety of experiences working with kids, everything from VBS to character class. 

The safety of your child is very important to us. A background check is run on each member of our team as well as requiring three references. We have a strict child protection policy that must be followed by everyone. We are here to provide a fun environment for children. We do not tolerate any abuse at any level.

We take our responsibility seriously.

Founder and Organizer

Ezra Creighton is the founder of KidOne Camps. He has taught and worked with kids in multiple different ways. To start he has a number of nieces and nephews, and takes his job as uncle seriously. Many well invested hours were spent working up to his favourite uncle status. But his experience goes beyond that.


Science camps

For 3 years, he worked as an assistant for a summer science day camp. These camps would run twice a day for four days each week. Ezra would run many fun science experiments including making slime and crushing soda cans with air. 

Character Class

He also taught character classes in 5 different public schools, using the Character First curriculum. He would enter into about eight classrooms each day and teach for 30 minutes on a character trait. Teaching everything from PK to 6th grade, using puppets, games, skits, and object lessons


Bible Club

Ezra also taught at Bible clubs at several schools. This included giving Bible lessons, teaching verses, and being a small group leader. He received training in how to give a Bible lesson, share the gospel and more from the Children’s Ministries Institute course Teaching Children Effectively (TCE™) Level 1.

Creation and apologetics 

Along with that, Ezra worked at the Creation Museum as a programs host. This included being a team leader for the Creation Museum Explore Days. Explore days are whole day camps with grades 4-12. Each camp focused on an area of science, such as biology, physical science, dinosaurs and much more. He has also completed an apologetics course by Answers in Genesis.


Teaching kids has been the focus of Ezra’s life. The reason he teaches kids is because God gave him a passion for reaching them.  A passion for teaching the next generation about Him. It is his purpose to teach truth, and equip them where they need it.

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