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Child Protection Policy

Our Purpose

KidOne Camps is committed to providing a safe and fun environment for children. It is our mission to reach out to children with the gospel (Mark 16:15), help them grow in relationship with Jesus Christ (2 Pet. 3:18) and give them answers about the world from the Bible (1 Pet. 3:15).

It would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were thrown into the sea, than that he should offend one of these little ones.
Luke 17:2

Definition of Child Abuse

Child abuse is defined as any verbal or sexual abuse, sexual exploitation or infliction of injury. Examples of sexual abuse are: rape, incest, sodomy, lewd or lascivious behavior which includes wrong types of speech or touching.

Requirements for Team Members

All members of the KidOne team are screened through a personal interview, criminal background check, as well as requiring three references (one of which must be a pastor). Each team member is required to read and sign in agreement with the KidOne Camps Child Protection Policies. The background check must be rerun for any workers who have not been active within one year. Every five years a background check must be rerun. The KidOne Child Protection Policy is reviewed annually. Failure to follow the KidOne Child Protection Policy may result in the termination of any team member responsible.

The following would prevent a person from working with KidOne Camps:

Any crime against children. No exceptions will be made.

Any sex crime of any type. No exceptions will be made.
Any felony convictions. No exceptions will be made.


Policies Regarding Interactions with Children

These are the policies of KidOne Camps regarding interactions with children, in order to prevent any harm to children.
Every member of KidOne must:

Never be alone with a child, whether in a room or outside.
Keep all rooms used by adults and minors accessible (no locked doors) and with open visibility.
Never go somewhere with a child that could appear isolated.
Always be within sight and close proximity to others.
Never solicit physical contact from children.
Always be cautious and aware of any issues.
Never let children sit on their lap, or allow children to lay their heads or hands on their lap.
Never give front hugs, piggyback rides, or touch under the shoulders.
Never go into a restroom at the same time as a child.
Not leave children unsupervised while under the care of KidOne.
Report all suspicious or inappropriate behavior to the director or leader of KidOne camps and investigation will commence immediately.

All members of KidOne Camps are encouraged to pray and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's promptings and cautions in any situation. 

Agree and Abide

Notwithstanding any statement herein, all KidOne team members shall fully abide by all KidOne Child Protection Policy requirements.

Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.
Matt. 18:17

Child Protection Policy
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